Two-Inch Town

Two-Inch Town 1.9

Sims-style game for your Palm


  • Easy to play
  • Lots of character profiling


  • Dull graphics
  • Small choice of building types

Not bad

If you're a fan of The Sims then you may enjoy playing Two-Inch Town on your Palm.

Actually, comparing Two-Inch Town to The Sims is like saying if you like caviar you'll like fish fingers. Nevertheless, it's one of the few town-building/people management games available on the Palm platform and there is fun to be had.

Your objective in Two-Inch Town is to take care of the community, making sure all the little people that live there are happy, not hungry and have plenty to do. You do this by building them houses, cafes, libraries, lodges, grass, etc. Once you've done your construction work you sit back and watch the little people running around performing activities. The 'Person List' allows you to check on all your residents, finding out what they're doing at the moment, and having a look at stats such as hunger, fatigue, boredom, isloation, etc. Each character also has the ability to build different skills such as physics, writing and history, much like in The Sims.

Two-Inch Town is good fun to play and there's a surprisingly large amount of stuff you can do. Unfortunately this demo version is limited to one map and one character, but the full version offers a whole host of possibilities.

Of course, Two-Inch Town is nowhere near The Sims in terms of presentation or depth of gameplay. The characters are just pixelated sprites that move jerkily around town, the maps are small, and there aren't many different types of building to choose from, so it can get quite repetitive.

But if you're a big fan of the 'reality game' genre, it's worth at least paying a visit to Two-Inch Town.

Two-Inch Town


Two-Inch Town 1.9

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